How it Works in 4 Simple Steps


The first step to importing your dream car is to contact us. After getting in touch a member of our team we’ll be able to advise you a price, a time frame and other important information on your chosen vehicle. 


Once we’ve located a vehicle matching your requirements a full translation of the auction sheet along with an inspection* by a member of our team will be provided. If we are happy to proceed we will then bid up to a mutually agreed budget. 


After successful purchase your vehicle will be transported to our agents yard where it will be further inspected and test driven. A comprehensive photo album will be provided and shipping will be scheduled with the next available vessel. We will then provide an accurate ETA into the country of destination.


Upon arrival into the UK all relevant taxes are due. When your vehicle has cleared customs it will then be transported to SWI HQ where we will begin OTR preparation depending on your package choice.  All relevant UK conversions will be completed and your vehicle will be UK registered. 

Recent Imports